eQgest - Regulatory Integrated IT Solution

eQgest developed by CIMKEY S.L. is the most complete software solution that allows you to create and manage all documentation required by REACH, GHS / CLP and ADR simply and efficiently.


eQgest funciontalities:

  • Management and diffusion of Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Substance Database
  • Classification of Substance and Mixtures
  • Adjust to the regulation of each country
  • Multi-language documentation
  • Integration with ERP
  • Technical Sheets
  • ADR Documentation
  • Toxicological Sheets (Delivery to Poison Centers)
  • Design and printing labels


eQgest adapts to the needs of the organization, adapting to the standards and language of each country.


CRZD Solutions is Portugal representative of eQgest.







REACH and CLP Regulations

REACH and CLP Regulations

We support the interpretation, framing and compliance with your organizationís obligations
REACH and CLP Regulations