CRZD Solutions, Lda., is a Consulting and Training company, dedicated to the areas of Occupational Safety, Fire safety, Industrial safety, Safety in the transport of dangerous goods, Environment and Quality and was created based on more than 11 years of experience of Carlos Carrazedo, founding partner.


We believe that the economic development of society and the growth of organizations, should be done in a sustainable manner, ensuring the safety of workers, protecting the environment and delivering products and services with increasing quality and higher added value, without ever neglecting the responsibility we have to the society and the obligation to leave to future generations better conditions than those we found. Through our services we aim to help organizations achieve these objectives.


CRZD Solutions has a vast network of consultants and partner companies, experts in different areas, to respond effectively to our client’s needs, always guaranteeing an excellent service.


We want to be the facilitators for the success of your organization.


The CRZD Solutions Vision:

  • Be recognized as the leading company in consulting and training services in occupational safety, fire safety, industrial safety, safety in the transport of dangerous goods, environment and quality.

CRZD Solutions Mission:

• Contribute to the development of safety culture in organizations, workers and society in general.

• Contribute to the development of the organizations by applying the principles of quality at the same time it protects the environment and worker safety.



CRZD Solutions defends and applies the following Values:

  • Respect - We govern our actions with respect to our Employees, Clients, Suppliers, Partners and Society.
  • Responsability - We answer for our actions and we assume our commitments.
  • Excellence - We always look for excellence, and no less, in each work we do.
  • Competence - Our consultants are experts in each business area, through training and experience they have. We do what we know.
  • Inovation - We always seek the best solutions for each situation, developing new methodologies that we put at the service of our clients.
  • Integrity - We apply in day-to-day, the principles of honesty, truth, loyalty, justice and ethics.